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Minor Update for Death By Obsession

I’ve released a few small updates to Death By Obsession since its release. Most changes were minor tweaks, but there were a couple of more significant fixes:

– Originally it was impossible to get the Fewest Steps on the level ‘These Guys Again’, due to the required target being calculated incorrectly. This has now been fixed, and huge credit goes to Plasmarift on Newgrounds for pointing this out to me.

– There are a couple of places in the game where you can achieve deaths that I hadn’t intended. I’m happy to leave them as bonuses for the persistent player in most cases, but on the level ‘Quadrants’, there was an issue where the Death ‘Overkill’ wasn’t being detected if multiple arrows stacked up together. This is now fixed.

I’m unlikely to make any large updates to this game, but thanks for playing! I’m impressed with how many people have been striving for all those Gold Trophies. Just try not to get too obsessed…

Death By Obsession (Complete Game)

Last night, monsters broke into your home and stole your brother! Sneak into their dungeon to get him back!

You aren’t a fighter though, so you’d better learn how to avoid all the enemies and other hazards you meet, or you’ll find out just how many ways a dungeon like this can kill you. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

This is a puzzle game about dying about living.

I made this game using the old Flixel library, and I created the sounds and music with the Fruity Loops composing software. I am also responsible for the super HD graphics.

Supporting WigDev

After a couple of requests, I’ve added a Support Page to the site. If you enjoyed Unstable and would like to tip me in thanks, or would like to directly support my future games (coming soon!), now you can.

All donations are greatly appreciated, but if you donate more than a million dollars then I promise to get my name officially changed by deed poll to anything of your choice.

Update for Unstable (with new Music!)

I’m pleased to announce that the talented Adam Smith has created some level music for Unstable. I’m very happy with the results, and I’m sure that anyone who heard my old ‘music’ will agree that the improvement is significant!

You can check out some more of Adam’s work under the name Electrosis Music.

While I am unlikely to release any large updates to the game, I did take the opportunity to implement a few minor tweaks:
– You can now reset a level instantly with ‘R’
– If you wish, you can press ‘Y’ in place of ‘Z’ to confirm and interact (which should help QWERTZ keyboard users)
– A message now appears on the title screen to direct the player to use the keyboard if they attempt to use the mouse
– Some of the blueprint instructions were adjusted to make functionality clearer (particularly the Timed Explosive)
– Finally, in a previous update I hadn’t mentioned here yet, I allowed you to switch the key for discarding blueprints from SPACE to BACKSPACE (in case the player was hitting it by mistake)

Some other features have been suggested (such as an undo button or a mid-level checkpoint system), but while the ideas have merit, they would be much larger updates that would require significant time, and currently I am prioritising work on my next game. It will be a puzzle/adventure game with a different style of logic required, and will be shorter than Unstable for a casual run-through, but with extra depths of challenge for any keen puzzlers.

I have no definitive time frame yet, but it should arrive on the near horizon – so watch this space!

Sounds with ChipTone

One of my favourite sound generation tools (and one I used exclusively for Unstable) is ChipTone. Developed by Tom Vian, it is a tool that allows you to generate retro-ish sound effects very easily, and with a surprising amount of flexibility, that can then be exported in .wav format.

Although you can simply auto-generate simple sound effects such as coin collection sounds or explosions, the real advantage of ChipTone is the way you can alter the waveform by adding different effects (tremolo, arpeggio, wah-wah, etc.) While the tool is supposedly in development, it is more than functional enough to create a whole library of sounds that – and this is significant – have a more consistent feel to them than you would find by importing various free sound effects from different sources. Combine the results with a sound-editing tool such as Audacity if necessary, and you have all the power you need.

I won’t turn this post into a tutorial of how to use ChipTone, since the best way to learn is just by playing around with it. (In fact I’ve had great fun just clicking the Randomize button and then tweaking the results, an activity I can seemingly waste hours on). So you should check it out.

Did I mention it’s free?

Unstable (Complete Game)

You are a spark of energy that has been sealed away in a run-down facility. Inhabit various robotic blueprints in order to escape!

This is a puzzle game, with adventure and mystery elements. Some (somewhat obtuse) hints can be displayed on a room by room basis by activating them in the options menu.

I made this game using the old Flixel library, and I created the sounds with the aid of Chiptone, but otherwise it is entirely my own fault creation. The one remaining credit goes to Diramus for the birdsong recording, although you’ll have to be very persistent to find that one. Good luck!