A Candle

It was exactly one year ago that I put my first game (Unstable) up on this site. Happy anniversary to WigDev!

Thanks to everyone who has played my games since then, especially those of you who have struggled with the really tricky ones (i.e all of them). It’s not that I get immense satisfaction from knowing people are grappling with the fiendish puzzles I’ve created, but… well, maybe I do.

I’m excited about the next game that’s currently in the works – still untitled as yet – and which I’m aiming to release for mobile devices as well as online. I do still have an early demo up, but it’s very out of date now. I’ll aim to update that in the near future.

Thanks for all the kind messages – as always, you can contact me at david@wigdev.com – and a particular thanks to those who have supported the site. I really appreciate it, and I look forward creating more games for you in the future!

And now I’m going to blow that candle out.

Supporting WigDev

After a couple of requests, I’ve added a Support Page to the site. If you enjoyed Unstable and would like to tip me in thanks, or would like to directly support my future games (coming soon!), now you can.

All donations are greatly appreciated, but if you donate more than a million dollars then I promise to get my name officially changed by deed poll to anything of your choice.