Unstable Engineer (Complete Game)

You’re an engineer hired by QTech, a secret facility developing machines called ‘blueprints’, powered by mysterious entities called ‘sparks’. As you test out their devices and earn your co-workers’ trust, perhaps you’ll uncover what exactly is going on in this strange place…

This is a puzzle game, and a prequel to Unstable, but with all new gameplay. Later puzzles are quite challenging (This is a WigDev game after all!), but hints are available in each level if necessary.

This is a limited (but still extensive!) version of the game. An extended version will be arriving to mobile platforms in the near future, full of extra challenges, mysteries, and one truly appalling pun, so keep an eye out!

This game was made using Unity, and all the graphics, sounds and game design was done myself, with the help of tools such as Chiptone, Fruity Loops and Inkscape. Have fun – and good luck!